Egger Roseneder contemporary, Vienna/Austria – International UAMO City Tour 2015/2016 Munich/Germany –


October 23 – November 12, 2015

Egger Roseneder contemporary

Dianagasse 6, A-1030 Vienna, Austria

Fortress is a joint project between Egger Roseneder contemporary, Vienna/Austria and UAMO City Tour, Munich/Germany

Curators: Renate Egger, Wilhelm Roseneder

Artists: Manuela Bedeschi, Tiziano Bellomi, Osvaldo Cibils, Renate Egger, Steve Ingham, Roman Makše, Iolanda Martini, Umberto Polazzo, Wilhelm Roseneder, Lawren Spera

The exhibition present various aspects, ideas, approaches about fortress through video, installation, performance, photography, object, painting, sound installation.

Political statements (Migration, terrorism); „Paradise“ and the meaning of it can change quickly in a fortress; the skin is the first line of defense, a physical barrier; the fortress of a person/individual through the face; creating a block of concrete which includes another work; communication with the work is based on the presence of a wall in human consciousness; another translation of fortress, it is “forza” or “potenza”, words related to the human qualities; limitation and concentration during the realization of an artwork.

Works from the exhibition will be presented at the UAMO 2016 festival, in Munich, together with works from 10 other cities: Amsterdam, Athen, Berlin, California, Dinslaken/Ruhrgebiet, Vienna, Sofia, Prag, Mexico City, Zürich.

FORTRESS Egger Roseneder contemporary :UAMO city tour  1

About egger roseneder contemporary

Renate Egger, Wilhelm Roseneder Artists from Vienna, Austria Kunstraum/Showroom
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